What is bravo

BRAVO is the Belgian Radiation Oncology Awareness and Visibility Organization. Radiation oncology is a medical treatment specialty mainly used to treat cancer and related diseases. It is important to differentiate radiation oncology from radiology, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, chemotherapy and nuclear power production. Click here to find out more what radiation oncology is (and what it is not).

BRAVO organized a study concerning the image of radiotherapy in Belgium. This 2014-2015 study revealed that Belgian citizens would benefit from better information on radiotherapy. Offering this type of information is one of the goals of the BRAVO organisation.

The Belgian radiation oncology providers (physicians, medical physicist, nursing staff) team up with the medical industry that offers the tools and systems to provide high-quality radiation therapy treatments to patients with cancer. The medical and industrial partners within BRAVO decided to create better awareness of radiation-oncology as a very safe and very modern treatment method of cancer. The main aim of this cooperation is to spread this message among patients, medical colleagues, politicians and press.

beMedTech, the Belgian federation for the industry of medical technologies, serves as the umbrella for BRAVO.

BRAVO cooperates closely with BVRO-ABRO, the Belgian Association for Radiotherapy-Oncology.

This association "has as goal to stimulate the practice and development of radiation-oncology in the broadest sense, as well as obtaining a fruitful dialogue with other clinical specialties that are strongly implicated in successfully treating (cancer) patients." (from the BVRO-ABRO bylaws, paragraph 4, March 2013).