Belgium has over 25 hospitals that offer radiation-oncology treatments. While not all departments offer all treatments, the vast majority of Belgian radiation oncologists have access to modern radiotherapy systems to be able to treat a wide variety of diseases.

For some specific techniques (stereotactic radiotherapy, brachytherapy, treatment of very rare tumors, pediatric tumors, …) it is wise to inquire if the required approach or experience is available in the center of your choice.

By clicking on the menus on the left of the screen, you can navigate to the contact data of the Belgian radiotherapy departments in the Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels.

The list of centres only contains departments where actual radiation therapy treatments are given. It does not contain hospitals where a radiation-oncology out-patient consultation is available but not the treatment itself.

Please also note that some radiation-oncology departments cited below are in fact member of a larger network of hospitals that work together. Some radiotherapy departments are therefore called ‘satellite sites’ from other departments and will be indicated as such.